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We are so glad you’re here! Morrison’s Munchies was inspired by the love and great food of the sixties! We want to bring back the music, love and peace!

Take a look at our event calendar to see when and where we will be serving our delicious food next! We hope to see you soon!

Who is sitting behind the wheels?

A girl named Melissa

One day, a girl named Melissa got laid off from a totally stressful job two weeks after she had her boyfriend arrested for domestic violence.
For the first month, Melissa struggled with what had happened.

Then, an idea was presented to her by a friend at the time. What about doing a food truck? Hmmm……she did some research and discovered there was a lot of happiness around food trucks! So, Melissa invested some money into building a brand new food trailer and bought herself a mean looking Dodge Ram to pull the trailer and Morrison’s Munchies was created!

But, why Morrison’s Munchies?

Melissa loves the 60s. Once she was free of the negative work and living environment, the power and meaning of what the 60s represented became even more important to her. Her cat is named Morrison after Jim Morrison and in the middle of the night, she bolted awake and knew what the name had to be: Morrison’s Munchies. Melissa decided at that point it was time for the 60s to come back!

As our society is struggling with finding love and respect for your fellow humans, and as racism and hate are becoming the norm, the importance of why the 60s existed needs to come back.

Her hope is that the trailer is not only a happy spot where you can embrace your inner hippy person but also a place to get information to help abuse victims. She learned a lot about why victims can’t tell anyone what is happening in their home or lives, why she couldn’t. The city of Longmont offered so much free support to help her recover, that it became important to her to give back and help provide a safe place for other victims to get information and help.

The logo color represents the color of the Purple Purse, an organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence. The position of the peace sign represents eternal peace. The daisies are Melissa’s favorite flower.
We hope that you enjoy eating at Morrison’s Munchies!!

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